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The Ultimate Email Marketing Certification for the Modern Marketer

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Follow along with these email marketing masters as they show you how to skyrocket your subscribers, drive up deliverability, increase your open rates, and craft high-converting copy so you can create an ATM-like asset that will pay you for years to come.


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"Email Is Dead"…

It’s just one of those pesky perpetuations that continues to go around.

Kinda like hanging upside down will make you taller. (Don’t ask. 😐)

With every new channel or regulation, that drum begins to beat again.

To relieve your suspense….it just ain’t true.

Do you know how I know? 

I could go on and on citing different sources and throwing facts and figures at you (which I’ll do in a minute) but the truth is much more obvious than that. 

Let me ask you one simple question…

Did you check your email today? 

I bet I know the answer, so I’ll ask you a more appropriate question.

How many times have you checked your email today? 

Heck, I’ll even do you one better… How did you find yourself on this page? 🙂

Yes, there are a number of ways you could have landed here, but the chances are you landed on this page because of an email.

Do you know how I know? Because we track it. 

Check this out…

The screenshot above is of a report showing sales units by channel for a promotion we ran recently. 

Email was responsible for 84% of sales.

Here’s another…

This is a similar recent report showing the revenue by channel across a handful of promotions. Email was responsible for 65% of the money that came in. 

The fact of the matter is…

Email Is Still The Backbone of This Business.

Hands Down There Is No Other Marketing Channel That Provides More Sales Volume, Velocity, or ROI Than Email.

And just so that isn’t passed off as opinion, here are a few of those smart-kid stats I mentioned earlier:

OptinMonster reports, when compared to the “Big 3” of social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), email’s average open rate is 22.86% with a click-through rate of 3.71%, whereas social media’s engagement rate comes in at 0.58%.

Not to mention, of the 4 billion active users above the age of 15, 99% of us check our email EVERYDAY and some of us as many as 20 times a day. (that’s crazy). *

So with all those eyeballs, it’s no wonder why email drives anywhere between $36 – $44 in revenue for every dollar spent (convert that to a percentage and it’ll make your head spin). 

That means, on average, email marketing comes in at a jaw-dropping 36 – 44x ROI, which makes it by far the most profitable sales channel available. (Compare that to 1.5x ROI on Facebook.)*  

(image provided by profitworks.ca)

Well then the obvious question is…

If that’s the case Ryan, then where is all my dang moolah?!

Well, it would be a lie to say that email marketing hasn’t gotten hard. Like real hard. 

Building a list has become much more expensive. 

…Regulations have increased.

…Deliverability is complicated.

…Inboxes have never been more crowded and,

…Prospect’s trust has never been harder to earn. 

It’s not a surprise there is a lot of confusion, fear, and frustration these days.

CPLs are up, open rates are down, and promotional folders are like fly paper made out of gorilla glue dipped in honey. 

Marketers report their lists are lifeless, they can’t convert customers, and, of course, “email is dead.”

Well, we can promise you from the hundreds of thousands of dollars in our own internal email-driven revenue each month, as well as the millions a month made collectively by the instructors of this course…that is simply not true. 

In fact, right now, as you’re reading this, it’s our opinion that … 

Whether Your List Size Has Stalled, Your Open Rates Have Fallen Through The Floor, or Your Copy Just Doesn't Convert Like It Used To…

You Can Still Build an 'ATM'-like Asset That Spits Out Sales With The Push Of A Button...

...And Your List Will Love You & Look Forward To Your Emails.

That’s why we gathered some of the world’s top mailers and had them create the ultimate email marketing manual for 2022.


Email Marketing Mastery

This certification is designed to give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to strategically use email marketing to grow your business.

Once you have this updated email manual, you will have:

  • Complete confidence in a comprehensive email strategy that will provide repeatable & reliable revenue for you or your company
  • Fully written emails and ready-to-send campaigns that will drive dollars into your business almost immediately
  • Swipe files & fill-in-the-blank templates for everything from landing pages to lead magnets to emails and campaigns so you are ready to hit ‘send’ as soon as your finished
  • Total optimism about the future of email (and your ability to leverage it) to hit your goals and connect with your customers

This Newest Certification Covers Every Aspect of the Email Marketing Journey

…But, Most Importantly, This Is An ACTIVE Course

The Email Marketing Mastery certification provides a concrete, step-by-step process for developing and executing successful email marketing campaigns from some of the most successful email marketers in the world right now. 

This comprehensive 10-module program covers everything you need to know to create successful email marketing campaigns that achieve your goals. 

From strategic planning and list building, to tactical execution and measurement, you’ll learn everything you need to create an email strategy that engages and converts. 

You’ll learn how to create engaging content, measure your results, and troubleshoot any problems along the way. 

In addition to the comprehensive modules, you’ll also receive a workbook packed with notes, tools, templates, and worksheets so you can put what you’ve learned into action.

Using these tools to their full advantage means walking away with emails completed, copywriting integrated, and reports in place to measure success. 

You will have a repeatable & reliable process to continue to grow email as a successful marketing channel.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to increase their email marketing skills and improve their results.

Become a Certified Email Marketing Master

What's Included:

Plus, upon successful completion of the course and Final Exam you will also receive:

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$95 (Save 81%)


Get This Course For Just $495

What Will I Learn?


Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Module 4


Module 5


Module 6


Module 7


Module 8


Module 9


Module 10

Module 1 Overview

Email and the Customer Value Journey

Learn the role of digital marketing and how to leverage it in today’s business world.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2
Introduction to the Customer Value Journey

Lesson 3
The Customer Value Journey for Email

Module 2 Overview

What to Know About Email

Lesson 1
Three Types of Email

Lesson 2
Two Ways to Send Email

Lesson 3
From Types

Module 3 Overview

The Psychology and Science of Email

Lesson 1
Human Psychology

Lesson 2
Why Email Matters

Lesson 3
Email as Funnel Kickoff

Lesson 4
Think like a Marketer

Module 4 Overview

Building an Email List

Lesson 1
List Building

Lesson 2
An Introduction to Lead Magnets

Lesson 3
Lead Magnets: Downloadable Reports

Lesson 4
Lead Magnets: Widgets, Tools and Templates

Lesson 5
Lead Magnets: Assessments, Quizzes, and Surveys

Lesson 6
Lead Magnets: Videos, Webinars, Online Events

Lesson 7
Lead Magnets: Coupons, Contests, Discounts

Lesson 8
Five Landing Page Essentials

Lesson 9
Landing Page Example: Facebook Ad Template Library

Lesson 10
Landing Page Example: Hiring Guide

Lesson 11
Action Step: Create a Lead Magnet

Lesson 12
How to Build Traffic Preview

Lesson 13
GDPR Compliance

Lesson 14
Bonus: Dynamic Opt-Ins

Module 5 Overview

Developing an Email Calendar and Funnel

Lesson 1
Creating an Email Calendar

Lesson 2
Kickoff: Email As Funnel

Lesson 3
Funnel Design and Architecture

Lesson 4
Action Step: Create Your Funnel

Lesson 5
Bonus: Legal List Building

Module 6 Overview

Five Foundational Email Campaigns

Lesson 1
5 Types of Email Campaigns

Lesson 2
Indoctrination Campaigns

Lesson 3
3 Case Studies Intro

Lesson 4
Example Indoctrination Campaigns

Lesson 5
Conversion Campaigns

Lesson 6
Example Conversion Campaigns

Lesson 7
Ascension Campaigns

Lesson 8
Example Ascension Campaigns

Lesson 9
Segmentation Campaigns

Lesson 10
Example Segmentation Campaigns

Lesson 11
Re-Engagement Campaigns

Lesson 12
Re-Engagement Campaign Examples

Lesson 13

Lesson 14
3 Types of Email Metrics

Lesson 15
Benchmarking Your Email Performance

Module 7 Overview

How to Monetize Your List

Lesson 1
Why Email Marketing Matters for Monetization

Lesson 2
Email Marketing Myths and Misconceptions

Lesson 3
Mediocre Copywriting is Doomed

Lesson 4
Why Email Marketing is More Important Now Than Ever Before

Lesson 5
3 Biggest Mistakes in Email Marketing (and How to Avoid Them)

Lesson 6
3 Core Revenue Generators for Every Business

Lesson 7
10 Reasons to Be Sending Promotions to Your Email List

Lesson 8
The 3 Email Framework to Prime and Prep Your Audience to Buy

Lesson 9
The IGNITE Framework to Prime and Prep Your Audience to Buy

Lesson 10
Action Step: Create Your Six Emails

Module 8 Overview

How to Copywriting and Design

Lesson 1
Introduction to Email Copywriting

Lesson 2
Researching Customers

Lesson 3
Message Hacking

Lesson 4
Creating Your Hook

Lesson 5
Writing Your Email

Lesson 6
Improving Emails so They Actually Are Read

Lesson 7
How Long Should an Email Be?

Lesson 8
How Often Can I Promote via Email

Lesson 9
Structuring Email Promotions

Lesson 10
4 Types of Subject Lines

Lesson 11
Quality Assurance

Lesson 12
Cutting the Fluff

Module 9 Overview

Measuring Your Email Marketing

Lesson 1
Queuing More Opens

Lesson 2
Getting More Clicks

Lesson 3
Benchmarking Your Results- Email Metrics and KPIs

Lesson 4
What to Track and When to Track It

Lesson 5
Email Stat Tracking Sheet DEMO

Module 10 Overview

Iterating and Improving

Lesson 1
Ranking Your Email

Lesson 2
Additional Readings

Lesson 3
Recommended Workshop

Customer Success Stories

Play Video about Email Marketing Mastery
"Hamoon is easily one of the best copywriters I have seen"
- Akbar Skeikh

Meet Your Instructors

Richard Lindner

Richard is our Resident “jack-of-all-trades.” Not only is he an email marketing and deliverability maestro, but he also crafts and executes all of DigitalMarketer’s sales funnels and conversion campaigns.

Over the past 12 months Richard has managed well over a BILLION email sends (in multiple marketing), created & implemented strategies to overcome major changes in Yahoo, Hotmail & Gmail algorithms, tripled email open rates, doubled email clickthrough rates and generated over $20MM in revenue from email marketing alone!

Alex Cattoni

Since 2011, Alex has helped launch several successful brands and has proudly partnered with many of the hottest transformational authors and businesses on the planet, writing high-converting sales copy, scaling multi-million dollar brands, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.

After over a decade in the online marketing world, it is Alex’s conviction that connection and conversion are not mutually exclusive. Effective copywriting today must combine proven marketing principles of the past with modern-day branding and authentic storytelling.

That’s why in 2019 Alex launched The Copy Posse — a boutique agency, online academy and now 100,000+ strong global crew of authentic copywriters with a passion for creating community, credibility, and conversions with nothing but powerful and precise wording.

Dave Albano

Dave is a dynamic and dedicated Digital Marketing Expert, Business Strategist and Inspired Speaker and Trainer. Founder & CEO of Joza Marketing and Creator of his famous 2-Day Business Intensives, Dave’s high impact strategies and done-for-you services get more Customers into your business, more Productivity from your day, and more Excitement into your Life!

As a seasoned Project Manager, Dave has also managed dozens of projects across several industries with small business and Fortune 500 companies alike. Dave gets results, period. His extensive experience and MBA in Information Systems allows him to add immediate value to business growth. In a recent engagement, he implemented best-of-breed methodologies and strategies on a major, high-profile project coming in exactly on time and more than 50% under budget.

Hamoon Green

Hamoon Green is the CEO & Chief Strategist of Quick Boost Marketing. He helps 7-8 figure e-commerce brands generate 30% – 40% of their total revenue through email marketing and marketing consultation.

Refugee turned Teacher, Rapper + Songwriter at Warner Chappell, then turned Marketing Nerd & Copywriting Flamethrower. Helping 7-Figure brands easily add 30% – 50% in revenue through email marketing. Oh, and he is helping a German 7-figure beauty brand generate 51% of their revenue through – you guessed it – email marketing.

What Is A DigitalMarketer Certification?

DigitalMarketer Certifications tell the world (aka your customers and clients) that you understand and can apply proven strategies in all most important lever-pulling steps that propel any business.

Top-To-Bottom Insight

Proven Strategies & Playbooks

World-Class Instructors

Resume-Worthy Achievements

Top-To-Bottom Insight...

Turn Your New Skill Into Sales

  • Learn the methods, the metrics, and the lingo, and get insider secrets from the world’s best marketers
  • Master the core functions of marketing, and turn those skills in new opportunities and additional revenue

Proven Strategies & Playbooks…

That We Train Our Own Team With

Let’s face it—You’re busy and time is scarce. Our Certification courses are created to deliver proven, actionable tactics and strategies without the added fluff.

We originally built these foundational courses to train our own team members, but in the spirit of “open sourcing” our business (which is what DigitalMarketer is all about) we’ve made these certifications available to the world.

World-Class Instructors…

Hand-Selected Faculty Experts

  • Get step-by-step instruction from digital marketing masters and business owners who do this stuff every day, and know what just works!
  • Tested, proven strategies developed by the best in the industry, including an ever-growing faculty of subject matter experts like…
    • Ryan Deiss, Co-Founder & CEO of DigitalMarketer
    • Richard Lindner, Co-Founder & President of DigitalMarketer
    • Russ Henneberry, Content Marketing Expert & author of Digital Marketing for Dummies
    • Pam Foster, Learning Chief at AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.)
    • Molly Pittman, Digital Marketing Strategist and author of Click Happy
    • Ezra Firestone, Co-Founder & CEO of BOOM by Cindy Joseph
    • Plus Justin Rondeau, Mike Rhodes, Tom Breeze, Suzi Nelson, and MORE!

Verified, Resume-Worthy Achievements…

To Share With The World

  • Earn your marketing certifications from world’s largest digital credential network
  • Receive your Credential Badge & signed Certification from DigitalMarketer upon completion of each course
  • Print your certificates to show off in your office, and showcase your badges on your website, as well as LinkedIn and other social media profiles

Become A Certified Email Marketing Specialist

Leverage the tools and channels to predictably and profitably drive awareness, leads, sales, and referrals—EVERYTHING you need to know to become a true master of email marketing.​

Get Certified Today For Just


$95 (Save 81%)


Get Certified Today For Just


Frequently Asked Questions

The certification itself is highly valuable if you need to set yourself apart from the competition. What’s far more valuable than any badge or certificate, however, is the actual knowledge you’re going to receive when you take this class and pass all the tests. You will have the foundation to understanding every single aspect of email marketing.

Yes, you may retake the test up to 2 times (for a total of 3 attempts). After 3 failed attempts, you will be required to retake the class (which you can do for free) before attempting the final exam again.

You can move at your own pace! We understand that life happens and that just because you enroll today, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to finish (or even start) the class this week. And that’s ok! Take as long as you like. We aren’t going anywhere, and neither is this certification.

This class is 6 hours of video training, so if you are working at it full-time you could technically complete the class and take all the tests in one day (although this is not recommended). To fully understand and apply the materials, you should allow 3 – 7 days if you are working full-time, and 14 – 21 days if you are taking the class part-time.

No. A certification that can simply be purchased isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. That’s why our courses are challenging. If we’re going to allow you to display a DigitalMarketer badge, you better believe you’re going to have to earn it.

The certification is actually included for free, with the class itself making up 100% of the cost. Consider the personalized certification and badge an added bonus and proof of your distinguished achievement as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

You’ll find that the test is “satisfyingly difficult.” By that I mean, it’s difficult enough that you need to actually know the materials, but it isn’t tricky or difficult just for the sake of being difficult. That said, to preserve the exclusivity and importance of this designation, we have made the tests challenging. The questions do pertain to our proprietary methodologies, so you shouldn’t expect to pass the test just because you have taken other marketing trainings or courses in the past. This training is different, and the exams will reflect those differences.

According to Return Path, email is consistently ranked as the “highest ROI marketing activity.” No matter what company, industry, or focus EVERY business needs a talented email marketer to make the cash register ring.


Whenever you purchase a course, you get lifetime access to that version of the course. At DigitalMarketer, we always strive to deliver the most up-to-date content possible in our certification courses. To do so we occasionally make small changes through “quality of life” updates, and at times it is appropriate to update a course in its entirety.

Any future “quality of life” updates to a course are included with your purchase of the course; but, when a course is completely updated with new instructors and updated content, that is considered a separate product and would not be included in your course purchase.

The new course would have to be purchased separately to receive access.

* Sources:

Get Certified Today For Just $495
$95 (Save 81%)


Get Certified Today For Just $495